Various types of chemicals are used by the oil and gas industry to maintain the production flow of the wellbore. Some top chemicals are biocides, oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, and H2S scavengers.

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Oxygen Scavengers  are one of the most common chemicals that are outsourced by many oil and gas companies.

 Arex Oxygen Scavenger product:

  • Arex OSL Oxygen Scavenger


Oxygen Scavengers:

Dissolved oxygen in water can cause destructive oxygen corrosion to metal pipes and process equipment. Oxygen scavenger is a class of chemicals added to react and remove oxygen in water to protect against oxygen induced corrosion.

The most common uses of oxygen scavenger in oil and gas production are for seawater injection facilities, hydro testing (the process of using water under pressure to test the integrity of pipelines and vessels), and acid stimulation. For water injection systems, primary oxygen removal is normally either by use of a vacuum tower or a gas-stripping tower. Oxygen removal to <10 ppb (preferably less than ~5 ppb to avoid significant oxygen corrosion) can be achieved by the addition of an oxygen scavenger downstream of the deaeration vessel.

Oxygen Scavengers chemistry:

The most common oxygen scavengers in oilfield production are sodium bisulfite (SBS) and ammonium bisulfite (ABS). Ammonium bisulfite is more water soluble than sodium bisulfite and typically react with oxygen faster. However, ammonium in the ammonium bisulfite can promote bacteria growth.

Being a salt of a weak acid and a strong base, sodium bisulfite forms a significantly basic aqueous solution whereas ammonium bisulfite is only slightly basic at around pH 8. As a rule of thumb, 60ppm of 65wt% ammonium bisulfite is required to reduce the oxygen concentration in water from 9ppm to 50ppm.

The reaction of bisulfite with oxygen is typically faster at higher temperatures and can be facilitated by transition metal ion catalysts.




Arex is responsible for producing certain types of chemicals after analyzing and preparing them in their high-end technical lab. Before these chemicals are dispatched to the oil and gas agency, they go for quality check to eliminate any potential problems.


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