Various types of chemicals are used by the oil and gas industry to maintain the production flow of the wellbore. Some top chemicals are biocides, oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, Antifoams and H2S scavengers.

Arex company for chemical industries offering those chemicals with a high quality performing and competitive prices.

Corrosion Inhibitors are one of the most common chemicals that are outsourced by many oil and gas companies.

 Arex corrosion inhibitors products:

  • Arex COR-A Amine base.
  • Arex COR-M Organic base.
  • Arex COR-S Inorganic base.


Corrosion inhibitors:

The use of corrosion inhibition has been a common practice in industry to protect oil and gas pipelines made of carbon steel and exposed to wet hydrocarbons containing CO2 and H2S. It is however important to emphasize that the inhibitor efficiency is highly dependent on its capability to be present in the water phase and reach the pipe wall. Therefore, for a given corrosion inhibitor injection rate, there is a need to quantify the amounts of the active components present in the water and the oil phases as well as any loss to the solid surfaces, particularly to scale and corrosion products or sand if present

Amine base:

Amine inhibitors are substances produced from amine or their derivatives which prevent or decrease the rate of chemical reactions or corrosion.

Amine inhibitors are commonly used in industrial lubricants, greases and rust-preventive fluids. They are also used to control corrosion, neutralize hazardous acid gas and prevent scale.

In oil refineries, hydrogen sulfide can corrode steels, so it is often removed using air and amines by conversion to polysulfides. Using amine-type inhibitors reduces corrosion rate, but wear rate is increased in gas pipes

Organic base:

Organic inhibitors usually designated as ‘film-forming’, protect the metal by forming a hydrophobic film on the metal surface. The effectiveness of these inhibitors depends on the chemical composition, their molecular structure, and their affinities for the metal surface.

Inorganic base:

The anodic type of inorganic inhibitors includes chromates, nitrites, molybdates and phosphates, and the cathodic type includes zinc and polyphosphate inhibitors




Arex is responsible for producing certain types of chemicals after analyzing and preparing them in their high-end technical lab. Before these chemicals are dispatched to the oil and gas agency, they go for quality check to eliminate any potential problems.

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